Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Here’s Kelly looking in the front door. She wants me to let her in so that she can come and join us for the pet roundup today!

* A commercial for an new movie shows a brief scene of a dog jumping on a trampoline. I always make my husband pause the TV so I can look at this dog’s adorable face, full of glee as he jumps. Little did I know, this is not a unique phenomenon. The Huffington Post has videos of lots of dogs jumping on trampolines!

* Also from the Huffington Post, Pudding, an orange and white cat, came to the aid of the woman who adopted him, just hours after she brought him home. Read how this cat saved woman in diabetic shock.

* File this under weird unsolved mysteries. The Roanoke Times reports that Virginia Tech security is searching for someone who left an assortment of exotic animals in the university’s underground steam tunnel network. The animals included 2 constrictor snakes, a black widow spider, a tarantula and several lizards.

So today I’ve just got to know…has your dog ever jumped on a trampoline? Or anything else bouncy?!