A Week of Christmas Giveaways!
Today–Cross Slider

I love Interactive toys. They give your dog a little challenge, while solving a puzzle to win a treat.  Kyjen sent us the Cross Slider toy to review. The toy works by hiding treats in a hollow ball, and placing it in the Cross Slider. The dog has to work the ball out of the tunnels with his paws and mouth.

Different dogs will do differently with this toy, depending upon their patience and puzzle solving skills. Let me just say upfront that Ike is still in puppy Kindergarten when it comes to puzzle solving.

Kelly is a quick learner. She used her paws to efficiently get at the toy, and even lifted it and dropped it with her mouth for maximum effect. The Cross Slider is durable, fun, challenging, and great for keeping your dog entertained for extended periods of time. Both dogs enjoyed it, and seemed to understand it. The Cross Slider appeals to all their senses–they can smell the treats, they can see the ball, they can feel the ball, and they can taste the treats. There would be a lot of repeat value in this toy.

Enter to win your choice of either the Cross Slider OR the Tennis Slider (reviewed tomorrow)!

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TOMORROW’s GIVEAWAY: Tennis Slider Interactive toy

Disclosure- We were given one toy to review and one to give away. This
in no way influenced my review. Opinions here are 100% my own.