Photo Credit: AP, by Pete Souza/The White House

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about Bo, the First Dog of the presidential family. Bo is a totally adorable 6 month old male Portuguese water dog.
Although President Obama had stated a preference for a mixed-breed dog, the family ended up with a Portuguese water dog–partly because they have a hypoalergenic coat, which was necessary due to daughter Malia’s allergies. President Obama has pledged to donate to the District of Columbia Humane Society instead.
The dog’s former owners were unable to keep the dog, they’d named Charlie, and returned him to the breeder. The breeder commented that it was not because of a problem with the puppy. President Obama reports that the pup has a very good temperament and “star quality.”

The family will take turns walking the dog, which needs a lot of attention and exercise. President Obama is shown here doing his part, running with little Bo. Cute.

Paws for Reflection: Although he didn’t rescue a shelter dog, the president did take in this older puppy, which had been returned to the breeders. I know this dog would have never ended up in a shelter or on the streets, but at least I feel he’s trying by donating to the shelters too. Still, I would have liked to have seen the family with a rescued dog, it would have helped promote the cause.