I am a person who sometimes struggles with believing something is positive… and acting upon that belief. For example, I believe in saving the environment, yet I still sometimes use paper towels and drink out of disposable plastic water bottles.

I realize the same is true when it comes to my pet’s food. I believe in feeding the healthiest, wholesome ingredients. And yet, sometimes I buy what I have a coupon for or what is handy. And then I also realized, I don’t fully understand what is healthy and what I should feed my dog.

So, I decided to devote this entire month to dog food, and learning all I can about it. I welcome your insight, comments and personal experiences. Please leave a comment or DM me if you’d like to contribute a post. Upcoming posts will feature guest blogs, product reviews, book reviews, and reports on natural and holistic food, obesity, vegetarian food, raw food and more. Please join us right here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in May for dog food week.

How about you? What do you feed your dog, and why?