Not long after we lost Brooks, we began searching for another golden retriever, inspired by the poem with the line:
“…To a poor lonely stray I’d give my happy home, my bowl, my cozy bed…”
Brooks would want us to adopt another.

We just haven’t had any luck. We had our name in at six different rescue groups. The local rescue groups didn’t have any golden retrievers…the golden retriever rescues adopted out dogs to other interested parties before we got a chance to inquire… dogs we were interested in were too assertive for Kelly….or too timid for Kelly….or the foster parents decided to adopt the dog themselves….time and time again, we fell for a sweet golden face on the internet, or in person, only to end up disappointed.

So what do you do when you can’t find a dog to adopt? We considered buying a puppy from a golden retriever breeder. We considered that we may stay a one-dog family. We considered many options, but then we decided to be patient and wait. Keep Looking…because something good might be just around the corner……
Just maybe…  🙂    (hint, hint!!)