We just completed 4 weeks of running, jumping, fetching, and getting fit with our dogs at the 2nd annual k9kamp! Thanks to everyone who participated, you and your dogs (and cat) are what made it so great! If you didn’t get a chance to participate this year, I hope you’ll join in next May!

How did Kelly, Brooks and I do this week?
We had a blast this week! Every day we challenged ourselves to try something new. After all, that’s what k9kamp is all about right?

 What we did:
 1. Stairs-– On less than sunny days, I ran up and down the stairs inside. Great exercise, especially when dodging dogs who tried to weave between my legs. After my workout, I tossed tennis balls up the stairs for Kelly and Brooks. They had a blast chasing after them, although I did have to keep it to one at a time to avoid scuffles.  

2. Recall Practice-– Kelly is spot-on with basic obedience —when she wants to be. But the recall is iffy when she has other ideas. We got a long lead and practiced the recall over and over, running backwards (challenging!!) to get her excited about returning. Brooks is still learning this. But he wants to be right by our side all the time anyway, so it isn’t too difficult.

3.  Walking with Attitude-– Some days Mike ran ahead with Brooks, then ran back to us, like those awful suicide drills we had to do in high school. Although Brooks is a senior, he loves to run. Kelly and I are too umm, sophisticated to run. Yeah, that’s it. So we spiced up our walks by repeatedly stepping up onto the curb, then stepping down to the road. Our own version of step class. Kelly grew kind of frustrated with me dragging her back and forth however. She’d much rather drag ME where SHE wants to go.

What did I learn at k9kamp?
1.  It only has to take a few minutes to work in some fun fitness activity every day.
2.  Not all dogs like the same thing. That’s okay.
3. No one likes squats.
4. If you give a retriever a ball, he’s going to be happy for a long time.
5. Getting the whole family involved makes workouts more fun.
6. K9kampers are THE BEST.  A heartfelt thank you to all of you.

How did our Kampers do? First, check in with my AMAZING kamp co-coach and fitness pal, and see how Coach Koly and his mama did this week!
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 And, if you were joining in at home too, link up and tell us about your experience. We want to hear! What did you learn at k9kamp? Keep reading to learn how to enter for great prizes!

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