First, a big thank you for everyone who played along and guessed what Zeke ate last week!

“Don’t I look innocent?”

Everyone was pretty much correct, so everyone got entered into the drawing.
The correct answers are:
1. Zeke’s food bowl. This was a unique bowl made of bamboo and cornstarch. 100% renewable and sustainable resources, and apparently edible. (Replacement $10.99)
2. Men’s Ralph Lauren slide-on sandal. (Replacement $29.99)

One of these things is not like the other.

 3. Braun men’s electric shaver (Replacement $79.99)

And the winner is:
How Sam Sees It!
Please send me your mailing address, and I’ll get you the book Dog Cookies right away!

But wait…Zeke wasn’t done eating yet:

The good news is, my son is developing new strategies for leaving Zeke, including making sure he gets plenty of exercise in the morning, providing Kongs and plenty of toys, and hiding valuables!

And, Zeke has nice new non-edible food and water bowls!

Okay, now your turn.
What has your dog chewed, destroyed, dismembered or eaten?!