…At the National Zoo in Washington DC!

I’m straying a bit from dogs and cats to share with you a few animals a bit more exotic. Last weekend we took a trip to the National Zoo. (I’m sorry to say Kelly was not invited.)

The zoo is pretty, clean and nicely landscaped. The habitats looked pretty decent, for the most part. Most were landscaped outdoor areas with trees, and things to do. Some had an inside house, with free access to the outside areas. These were, obviously, less natural in appearance, and also more difficult to view the animals. I think zoos today are more conscious than in years before to give the animals healthy conditions, and provide them with activities and stimulation.

The National Zoo is one of the few zoos in the US where you can see Pandas.

I liked the lions too. The mothers kept telling their kids “Look! It’s Simba’s mom and dad!”

One of the most interesting aspects of the zoo was the orangutan crossing. The orangutans climbed high towers and traversed on these ropes across to other towers, ending in a habitat across the park. Where pedestrian paths crossed underneath, you were warned you might be in a “splash zone,” and we did get to witness this phenomenon first hand. I’ll not soon forget the sound of orangutan droppings splattering on the pavement.

Trust me, there’s a head in this furry mass somewhere. And check out the toes!

If you get the chance, you really “otter” go visit the National Zoo. Admission is free (parking is $20).