Today I thought I’d conduct an experiment. Last week I’d purchased a few pounds of biscuits from the pet shop’s Treat Bar, and had the most fun selecting different cookies and snacks to fill my goodie bag. Since I’d spent so much time choosing just the right ones, I was insanely curious to see which treats would be Kelly’s favorites.(Oops, in the picture above I missed her head!)

So I set up a row of different snacks on the kitchen floor. I asked Kelly to sit in front of them, and then said “Okay!” and let her run up and choose. Would she sniff them all over before deciding? (Possibly taking as long as it takes me to decide anything, going back and forth several times, worrying over each option!) Maybe she’d go for the most brightly colored snack, one that stood out from the others. Or would she simply grab the one closest to her?

I ran the very scientific experiment several times. Would she pick the same cookie first each time?

In the end I discovered that there was positively no correlation between biscuit and Kelly’s selection. No hierarchy in the ranking of pet shop cookies. Kelly chose a different treat each time and it made no difference what color it was, where it was placed or if it was what I guessed to be her favorite flavor.

But she’s hoping that I conduct this experiment again, soon and often.

Paws for Reflection: When it comes to good food, try it all!