This Thanksgiving, I wrote a poem for the furry members of our family. You can read the whole poem on, but here’s a sneak peek–

Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem

Family gathers ‘round the table
Set with turkey, yams and dressing,
Holding hands and bowing heads
Thanking God for every blessing.

Platters steaming, bowls are brimming,
Dishes circle like a wreath.
Though the tabletop is tempting,
I’m drawn to something underneath.

At my feet I feel a tapping
A paw that tells me someone’s there.
Perhaps he’s hoping for a morsel.
But instead, I say a prayer.

Thank you God for furry paws
That sweetly nudge and jump and run.
Thank you for the tail that wags
Unceasingly, never done.

……Read the whole poem on Pawprints on my Heart.

and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
love, Peggy, Kelly and Ike