Cordelia, aka Maggie

Woof Friday! 
The first Friday of every month (or so!) we feature a guest post by animal rescuer, Sharon Azar. She shares the heartbreak and happiness of being involved in animal rescue.

From Cordelia to Maggie
by Sharon Azar

I just uncovered an envelope of old photos of a dog named Cordelia, a 3 year old mixed terrier girl who was found huddling against the concrete divider on the NJ Turnpike on a hot summer day some years
ago.  I’ll never forget the magic that unfolded.

Our vet said this dog probably had many litters of puppies. My fear was since she wasn’t such a ‘looker’ I’d have a difficult time placing her. Posters, ads, telephone calls, all brought no results. No one wanted a mama dog with teats hanging down from delivering multiple litters.

But then, a fellow rescuer said she knew of a family looking for a companion for their golden retriever, Murphy. My hopes were not high. “A golden retriever! Why would they want a scruffy little mama dog?”

We arranged for a meeting anyway. After spending some time with them, I was in awe of their obvious love and sincerity toward their dog and each other. Al and Barbara are the sweetest, most loving couple. I prayed to myself, “Please let them fall in love with Cordelia.”

When I met their beautiful golden retriever, Murphy, my doubts surfaced. “They’d never want such a dog as Cordelia.”

Oh, me of little faith.

Best buddies swimming together.

I was blown away when they told me they’d love to have her in their family! As the years went by Al and Barbara would send me cards and photos of their family trips with Murphy and Cordelia, who they renamed Maggie. They took Maggie and Murphy skiing, boating, and swimming in Alaska!

Pretty wonderful for a dog who was near being run over on the New Jersey turnpike.

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