I know Kelly is on a diet, but does she have to go grazing for greens in the backyard? In my house we’re pushing the salads, so does Kelly think she has to eat one too?

The common thought is that dogs eat grass to settle their stomachs. According to Pet education.com, this isn’t always true. Apparently, many dogs eat grass simply because they like the taste. Hmm, I thought dogs were carnivores. And, if they like the taste of grass, why do they often throw it up? I just had to clean up after Kelly, who came inside from her backyard “snack” and tossed it up on the living room rug. So I rushed her back outside where she, yup, started munching on grass again.

I’m not sure if Kelly enjoys the taste of grass, or if she eats it to settle her stomach. I tend to think both. I’ve noticed that she has two different ways of eating grass. Sometimes, she munches along like a contented cow. It seems like a pleasurable activity for her. Other times, she seems frantic, pulling up the grass and devouring madly. Maybe this is when she has a stomach ache. And when she tosses her cookies, this might also help get rid of whatever was bothering her tummy to begin with.

Pet education. com states, “In any case, grass eating is basically a normal behavior, and is not of concern unless your dog does it excessively.”

What I Learned from My Dog: Salads are good!