Working from home is, as they say, a blessing and a curse. A benefit: I can be typing this while wearing my pajamas and nobody would know. (Right now, my feet sport ultra-cushiony blue fuzzy slippers!) Also–no morning commute. I write freelance full time, and I like the freedom of writing when the mood and inspiration strikes me. Mostly, I discipline myself to sit at my desk and tap away at the computer from about 10-3. This does not make me the most thrilling companion for Kelly. Eventually, Kelly’s had enough and is ready for a little attention. She comes up and slaps her paw down on the keyboard to get my attention. Generally this results in a line of gibberish added to the line of text I’ve painstakingly entered. Something like this: “As she held her breath and stepped slowly into the inky darkness, unaware of the danger ahead, suddenly iwejzxdkj;ark.”

The bad part about working from home is that (aside from Kelly) I have no co-workers. It can get pretty isolating. So, if you work from home too, (or even if you don’t) pop on and say hello. We can chat around the cyber water-cooler.

Oh, and don’t forget the most important thing is xcvorkjmmxllgz.

I guess Kelly’s ready to play.