Last spring at K9 Kamp, a fantastic group of bloggers and blog readers committed to getting fit and having fun together with their dogs! Our theme was to get active with your dog, 30 minutes extra, 3 or 4 times a week. If you joined us, remember all the fun we had?!

This fall, our theme is “Fitness Fun and Games.” We’re focusing on fun ways for you to get active with your dog. Here are some ideas:

fetch (and the all time K9 Kamp favorite, Fetch It Yourself!)
hide and seek
monkey in the middle
follow the leader

treibball (or a similar game with an exercise ball in your own yard)
and more!

We’re looking forward to experiencing some new games with Kelly and Ike. This will be Ike’s first K9 Kampl! I’ve always wanted to try some sort of agility in the yard with Kelly because she loves to jump (at 11 years old!). And Ike would be awesome at follow the leader since he likes to follow me everywhere anyway. What fun and games would you like to try with your dog? Please join along with K9 Kamp. Join the hop and tell us what you and your dog are going to do to get fit and have fun together!

Don’t forget the prizes! Enter our rafflecopter to win great prizes including

a leash and collar, a great bracelet from For the Love of a Dog, Dogobie flying discs, and an Amazon gift card.

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Pawsitively Pets. Kelly and Ike hope to see you there!