Stuffie–mine, all mine!

I am not very intuitive about training. I’ve taught my dogs the basics–sit, stay, etc–but when it comes to solving basic household doggy dilemmas, I’ve got a lot to learn.

That’s why I figured I’d go right to the experts–other dog lovers who have perhaps dealt with the same issues and found a solution. So, would you solve my training problem?

 Problem: Toy Hoarding

Toy Box–mine, all mine!

When we adopted Brooks, Kelly let it be known right away that she was the boss. Brooks respectfully backed off, which is really one of the main reasons why we are able to have two dogs. We’ve worked out most situations, such as feeding them in different rooms. But playtime is a problem. Kelly wants ALL the toys ALL the time. The only thing she’ll let Brooks have is tennis balls, which he loves (and she’s too girly to bother herself with chasing after them.) But when it comes to any other toys- chewing, tugging, dismembering stuffies or anything else, Kelly won’t share.

At least I’ve got my tennis ball!

I’ve tried separating them for toys, but now that Kelly has asserted herself, Brooks won’t touch the toys, even if she’s out of the room. He takes it in his mouth and seems to want to play, but then drops it and lays down and looks at it. I really don’t think that he’s just disinterested in toys. I think he expects Kelly to come and take it away. I am happy that he at least has tennis balls to play with, but think he’d probably enjoy a variety.

So what do you think? How can I encourage Brooks to play with the toys? Will Kelly and Brooks ever be able to play with toys in the same room?

What would you do? You be the trainer!

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