I love giving Kelly and Ike treats, but I don’t want to give out too many that may be fattening or unhealthy. So I choose treats carefully. That’s why I’m especially excited to be participating in Zuke’s Fuel the Love campaign! First, they sent us a huge variety of wonderful treats to review. And second, we can share the love, because they’re providing a huge variety of treats to give away in the contest below!

So first of all, I did my research, and Zuke’s is a company I can get behind.
*The food was created to fill a need for natural, healthy pet food and inspired by the founder’s dog Zuke!
*The company’s values are staying healthy and being active, and showing devotion to dogs for all the devotion they show us! Perfect for K9Kamp, FitDog Friday and just the way I feel about dogs too.

Zuke’s treats are:

*Healthy enough to dish out on a daily basis
*Made in the USA
*Made from carefully sourced ingredients and high-­?quality, USDA-­?approved proteins.
* contain antioxidants 
*and Zuke’s has never been involved with a recall!

I’ve got LOTS of great Zukes to give away.
Here are the reviews:

1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals
I use these a LOT because they are just the right size, so I don’t feel too bad about giving them out as rewards and training treats. (only 3 1/2 calories per treat!) Ingredients inclued cherries, rosemary, and turmeric–powerful, wholefood sources of antioxidants. They come in great flavors too-Roasted Chicken, Savory Salmon, Fresh Peanut Butter and Wild Rabbit!

2. Zuke’s Z-filets
Dogs love jerky treats- but after recent health incidents, we have to be extremely careful about feeding these to our dogs. Fortunately, Zukes healthy grain -free filets are made in the USA, and all the meat comes from safe, trustworthy sources in the U.S. or New Zealand, so I feel confident

3.  Zuke’s Skinny Bakes
These are Kelly and Ike’s favorites! They’re crunchy baked treats. Each one contains only 10 calories, so we don’t have to worry about putting on a little extra weight just because they indulge in a few extra yummy treats. They’re also vegan, made with clean ingredients such as berries, pumpkin and peanut butter. They’re also wheat, corn and soy free- ingredients which are the cause of many allergies.

4. Zuke’s Hip Action
These are good for both dogs, as Kelly is a senior and Ike is an active, larger breed, and they both could use the healthiest bones and joints possible.  The treats are made with 300mg of Glucosamine, 50mg of Chondroitin, and natural eggshell membrane. This way I can give Kelly and Ike these benefits without having to give them pills. And Zukes Hip Action treats are safe, even if Kelly and Ike somehow ate the entire bag. Which is possible, since they come in chicken, beef and peanut butter flavors!

Okay, so now for the giveaway! I’ve got 5 great prizes you can win!

1st place-

A fantastic gift pack consisting 8 bags of Zuke wholesome, delicious treats! Includes 2 bags Skinny Bakes, 2 bags mini naturals, 2 bags hip action and 2 bags Z-filets!

2nd place-
Great selection of 4 bags of Zukes treats:1 bag each of Skinny Bakes, mini naturals, hip action and Z-filets

3rd, 4th and 5th places-
1 bag Zuke’s mini naturals

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Be sure to check out the Fuel the Love Blog Hop Nov. 15 – Dec. 1st
and Fuel the Love Twitter Party on November 29th for more great prizes!

Full Disclosure: I was provided with 15 bags of Zukes products for my fair review, and an equal number to give away. This in no way influenced my review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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